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WordPress and WooCommerce plugin for businesses websites

Like you know by now, iAdminWP is proud WordPress and WooCommerce. Every service we use on our website is WordPress. But it was difficult to get the right plugins to build a business website. Let me explain more.


To setup, a WooCommerce shop is easy and fast, but to really manage a business with the shop your setup is a different story. I just love plugins, they are expensive but you know you will get a good quality plugin with support. But there are alternatives, I will explain later in this post.

I found it easier to stick to with one WooCommerce developer. The reason for this is simple when your business grows and you want more services like affiliate marketing, shop rewards, recurring payments and so on you need plugins that “talks/integrate” with each other.

For example, you buy WooCommerce Subscription ( plugin and you want to attach a reward system to the shop. Now you search and come across CodeCanyon plugin for a very good price and very good reviews, that is just awesome. But there’s just one problem, it does not integrate well with WooCommerce Subscription plugin, only to integrate well with the subscription plugin they developed. Nothing wrong with this, but you want a plugin that is fully integrated and work very well with your exciting plugin.

Hopefully, you did not buy the plugin or can get a refund for the plugin. So you are left with limited options, and one is to buy the rewards plugin on that integrates well with WooCommerce subscription plugin. Or you can start over and buy plugins that work well with each other. This is just a simple example.

This is a common issue but it can be avoided, and that is to stick to one developer product range. Here are four  WooCommerce developers that you can try.

  • WooCommerce Oficial site. Really recommend sticking to them.
  • FantasticPlugins the SUMO WooCommerce range.
  • RightPress they have a good subscription plugin.
  • Yithemes they really have a lot of products, I never tried them but seems solid.

Hope this would help someone to make a better decision on buying a plugin. Remember that not all developers develop a “closed” plugin, some do integrate. But please read fists or contact the developer and ask them before buying. Please check out our solutions to host your WooCommerce website.



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