Why we moved to Drip

I must start by saying, we are big MailChimp fans! We still advise our day to day clients to use MailChimp, because it is easy to use and to understand. MailChimp simply just work without any rocket science. Just a note, this post is not comparing MailChimp with Drip email marketing. 

Drip is a marketing automation platform designed for e-commerce. They (Drip) call it ECRM. It helps you setup all kind of processes to automate your online shop and keep a good customer relationship.

Here is our “Drip” story (in short):

At first, it is “difficult” to find out how everything works and where to set up all the email settings. But after building your first campaign it gets easier. Drip let you tag, group and setup custom fields for your customers. This makes it easier and faster to add subscribers to different email campaigns. One thing I noticed was that it does not update in “real-time”, but it can just be my internet.

That is why Drip is developing a sales and marketing automation platform designed specifically for ecommerce. We call it an ECRM—the ecommerce customer relationship management platform you need to keep customers close. – Drip https://www.drip.com/ecrm

What I really love about a company is when they have handy integrations! Drip offer all kind of integrations like WooCommerce, GravityForms, Zapier and the list goes on. Zapier is a must for me and that is a big win for us! Like for example, we use AgileCRM, Drip does not offer a “quick click” integration. By using Zapier we can create a very simple to advance connection between the two systems.

You can try Drip for 100 subscribers for free. The downside is you will need to enter your credit card detail (I personally hate this kind method). Let us know what you think about Drip and like always, if you are a client of iAdminWP you can contact us to help you setup your Drip account.

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