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Partner with iAdminWP

When you partner with iAdminWP, we begin a journey together that will be based on trust and professional business values. Plans are built around your business to give you the cutting edge over your oppositions.

Here is why:

Our pricing is unbeatable! If you hire a full in house webmaster or freelancer you will pay an hourly fee that is more than our monthly Starter plan.

Your website will be hosted on its own cloud server, it is not on a traditional shared hosting or "virtual servers" hosted on one server. It is your cloud server and you can grow and use it like you want to.

Dedicated resources are not the only reason to have your own cloud server. For example: Let say you host with a company on a shared hosting server. One out of the thousand websites on that server send out spam or get hacked or attract allot of attackers.

Then your website will also be affected by this one website on the shared hosting server. It is simple, "one bad apple spoils the bunch". You do not want your business to get a bad reputation for sending out spam or give "un-secure site" warnings.

While we dedicate our services and resources only to WordPress, we offer full maintenance and site-care plan. This safe you a lot of time and money because we will be that extra team member on your team handling all the website requests.

"Maintenace is where we update your WordPress Core and Plugins. This improves your security and website performance."

"Site-Care is where you send us content changes and we update your content or upload a new blog post for you."

Security is a big obstacle and one is naive to think you can't be hacked. At iAdminWP, we minimize the change greatly by partnering with Cloudflare and by keeping your server firewall up to date. Updating your WordPress Core and Plugins also reduces the change to get hacked.

We offer hourly backups that are stored off-site on not on your server. So when you get hacked or something terrible happens to your website, you will always have a backup. Always have security in mind!

With this little background, we hoped that you better understand why it is important to invest in your website. I would love to talk to you about your website and help you get the most out of it!