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Strating a website with iAdminWP

When you start your own website it is difficult to understand all the "web" terms. You really have a great idea but where do you start? What company can you trust? It is difficult for all new and some exciting customers to grasp the idea of what exactly is hosting all about.

All you want to do is start your own website and start selling your products or just start a plain contact type of website. This can be done easily when you Google "hosting" and then choose a cheap hosting package and get started. But why is this wrong to choose cheap hosting?

A - Z

At iAdminWP we help you from A to Z. In "web" terms, from your first domain name to taking care of your WordPress website. We don't just want to host your website we want to take care of it! Why do you ask? Because this is our passion and our talent. We love it when our customers are successful.


Why not choose cheap hosting

To get back to the question of why not choose the "$5" hosting plan you can find from so many hosting companies. For us it is easy to know what you get for that "$5" but for non-technical people, it is complicated. It is easy to look at your budget and just decide I can not afford more than "$5".

The answer is really simple. iAdminWP provides you with the best possible cloud hosting where the resources your website use are just allocated to your website. Everything from Security, Hourly backups and CDN are all included. This all is Premium services you will pay allot for at other companies. We do not stop there we update your WordPress plugins every day to make sure your website stays secure. We also offer to update blog post for you without you having to log in and do it your self or even make content changes on a page.


To sum this all up, iAdminWP wants your business and we will make sure we provide you with a service you never experience before. You can start by chatting with us about your needs and we will show you what is the right plan for your website. We can also build a custom solution just for you.