We are more than just a WordPress Hosting company

I want to clear some questions about our maintenance service with this blog post. What exactly do we update and how can you benefit from it. Like you already know iAdminWP is a Hosting and Maintenance company for WordPress websites. Our job at iAdminWP is to keep your website secure and give that personal touch on each website.

But what do we maintain?

It is simple, we keep your WordPress Core, Plugins and Theme up to date. By doing this we ensure you to have the latest version and bug/security fixes. But that is not all! We help you with content changes like updating a page or information on your website. This does not include development, but we will help and advice you on plugin installs.

How do we keep a personal touch with all our clients?

This is also part of our maintenance plan, to keep in touch with our clients. Our goal is not to sound or act like robots. We also don’t want a cold ticket system! We are a big fan of automation but we think there is a place for it and customer support is not the place!

What is not in our maintenance plan?

We do not develop any custom functions or do any CSS changes. We also do not update any pirate or plugins without any license (if it is paid plugin). We also do not update a theme if there is no child theme, it is very difficult to know if you or any developer placed some code in the main theme files. For that type of problem, we asked you when subscribing to our service if any changes are made in the main theme or/and any plugins. This will ensure that we do not overwrite any custom code. We ask our clients for an open honest communication between them and iAdminWP.

I hope this clears up some questions you may have and if you have more questions please contact us or leave a comment below.

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