Upgraded to support PHP7


About a month ago we upgraded our servers to PHP 7. We still offer support for PHP 5.6 but we encourage you to upgrade to php7.

Here is some information to take in consideration to help you decide to upgrade to PHP7.

  1. Speed
  2. Uses less memory
  3. Enables more concurrent connections

Speed:  Your WordPress website will load faster, which benefits visitors to your site as well as your Google ranking.

Uses less memory: PHP7 offers reduced memory usage, execution engine improvements, and native local threat storage. These features are specifically suited to mobile devices that have limited browsing features.

Enables more concurrent connections: PHP7 has a higher data processing and load-taking capabilities. Your WordPress website can handle more requests per second.

With WordPress and PHP7 you have a website that has no limits on what you can achieve. If you are a client with us and not sure if your website is upgraded, please contact us, we will send you more information.



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