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The best online business tools every entrepreneur should use


Although quite new in the world of online tools, Slack has already established itself as one the premier cloud based tools. This tool was built with one specific aim, and that is to establish and enhance strong collaboration between multiple teams all across the world. This capability makes it an invaluable asset for businesses who are spread out on a global level and operate across different time zones. This feat is accomplished by enabling real time archiving, searching and chatting all on one, single server.


Knowing the opinions and feelings of customers is crucial for any business. SatisMeter is an incredibly useful tool with which managers and owners can gain invaluable insights into the thoughts of their customers. This is accomplished via Net Promoter System surveys (NPS) instantly and in real time. The tool is also quite simple to use and it requires less than 10 minutes to install on any website.


Another major task every business owner faces on a daily basis, is the effective management of their teams. This task can sometimes prove quite overwhelming. Thanks to its card-based design, Trello makes this process much easier by combining task and project management into a single, elegant interface.With this tool, every task can be represented by a single card, that can be then moved to indicate different stages of completion. This tool is a must for those who enjoy doing tasks visually.


Online presence is crucial for every business. As a result, a tool such as CoSchedule is highly regarded by online marketers as an excellent means of building and managing social media updates, content creation processes and editorial calendars.


Another way of attracting online visitors is to provide engaging and interactive content. With the help of Gleam, various interactive rewarding campaigns and social media contests can be created with convenience and ease. In just a few minutes, a responsive and elegant user-driven content can be created, thus attracting increasing number of visitors.



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