Terms of Transaction

These Terms of Transaction contain terminology used by the iAdminWP’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and shall be interpreted accordingly.


By successfully placing an Order via the iAdminWP Service, the Buyer and Service have agreed on the following:

  1. Introduction and Eligibility

For the purposes of these Terms of Transaction, a “Buyer” is an iAdminWP User who/which has entered into a binding Agreement with the Service, for the specific product(s) or service(s) offered by the Service. For the purposes of this document, a “Listing” is an offer made to an uncertain amount of Users by the Service on the iAdminWP’s Website. For the purposes of this document, a “Custom Offer” is an offer extended by the Service towards a specific iAdminWP User.

  1. Scope of Services

The Service shall execute the Scope of Services as set forth in the Listing Description made in the binding offer on the Service’s Website page, or as set forth in the Custom Offer from the mutual correspondence between the Service and the Buyer.

  1. Price

The Buyer has agreed to submit payment via the Service in order to retain the Service for executing the described Scope of Services, as stated in Section 2 of this Agreement. The Service shall not transfer the funds towards the Service until the expiration of the Refund Policy deadline as set forth in the IAdminWP Terms of Service.

  1. Further Payments

The Buyer agrees that the information provided towards the Service is accurate and complete, and is aware that any changes requiring the approval of the Service outside of the Agreed Scope of Services, as stated in Section 2 of this Agreement, may be subject to additional costs.

  1. Delivery Deadline

The Service has agreed that the Service shall execute the agreed Scope of Services in a Deadline stated forth in the Offer and/or Listing, that the Buyer has accepted, under penalty of potential Cancellation of the order. The Buyer may cancel the Order at any time, by sending the Service an e-mail to [email protected], in the case that the Service fails to deliver the agreed Scope of Services 48 hours after the expiration of the Delivery Deadline.

  1. Revision Requests

In the case a Revision request is submitted by the Buyer within the appropriate timeframe of 5 days of delivery of the initial Product to the Buyer, the Service shall make any appropriate changes within the time frame of five days. After this Period, the Product shall be published and live on the World Wide Web. In case the Buyer fails to request a revision within the period of 5 days upon delivery of the initial Product to the Buyer, the Service shall deem the order as complete, and publish the Product.

  1. Delivery of Product

The Product is to be considered delivered, and the Order as Complete in the case that:

  • The Buyer does not submit any Revision requests as per Section 6 of this Agreement, at which point the Product shall be submitted to the World Wide Web by the Service
  • The Buyer deems the delivery as complete, at which point the Product shall be submitted to the World Wide Web by the Service
  1. Billing Terms

All payments shall be made in United States Dollar currency, throughout safe PayPal transaction protocols. Applicable PayPal currency exchange rates may apply in the case the Buyer opts to send the due payment in another currency. Due dates of payments shall be further specified within the specific Order as Listed on the iAdminWP’s Website or in the Custom Offer sent by the Service to the Buyer.

Upon request, the Service shall provide the Buyer with an itemised bill/invoice, specifying the Services rendered. These bills/invoices shall contain the payment due date. The Service reserves the right to bill additional 2% interest monthly for defaults or non-payments of due amounts. The Service further reserves the right to discontinue rendering any further services, and terminate existing ones towards the specific Buyer who is in default or non-payment of the due debt.

  1. Obligations on the Buyer’s behalf upon acquiring specific Services

Upon registry of a domain name, you hereby declare that you will use accurate information for publication in directories, and shall maintain the information in these directories in order for them to be current, in order to reflect any changes made on your behalf. Payment of domain registration and maintenance plans is to occur automatically if you opt for an automatic renewal plan. In order for the automatic renewal plan to be active with iAdminWP, your billing information must stay current, as well as to have sufficient funds on your account, once billed by iAdminWP. Domains are eligible to automatically renew for an additional one year term upon expiry. Renewal notifications will be sent out prior to the renewal, and cancellations may be done before the renewal date. Please note that the Service requires one full calendar month’s notification of non-renewal. If you do not provide this notice, you will be charged the rate stipulated on the relevant product page for the next renewal term. To illustrate, for non-renewal to be effected at the end of May, notice of non-renewal must be received on or before the last day of April. There are no refunds on a la carte services. Cancellations of any Domain names or services are to be done via e-mail on, [email protected]

  1. Transfer of right and title of Products

Except for the Third-party content and background software solutions, the Buyer shall acquire the right, title and interest to the purchased Product and provided content. For the purposes of this Section, “Provided Content” means any content provided by the Buyer to the Service, for the purposes of executing the content of the Agreement between the Service and the Buyer. For the purposes of this document, the “third-party content” includes any content, software, programming material, owned by an entity other than the Service, and/or licensed by the Service, and/or generally available to the public under published licensing terms. The Service might use materials on request of the Buyer from the Service’s Network Graphics Library, which is a collection of licensed material from the Networks to the Service. The Networks shall, upon choosing of the material by the Buyer, extend to the Buyer, a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable license to use the materials during the term of this Agreement. After the finalization of the work as per the provisions set forth in this Agreement, the Buyer shall pay the appropriate licensing fees for the materials used on the Product, within the designated due dates.

  1. Limitation of Liability

The Service hereby disclaims any liability for the following actions on behalf of the Buyer:

  • The Buyer utilises Plugin(s) or Theme(s) that are pirated, or do not have the appropriate authorizations (licenses) to utilize it
  • The Buyer utilises custom-built Plugin(s) or Theme(s)
  • The Buyer’s Main Theme(s) is/are modified without a Child Theme(s). or lack of Child Theme(s) altogether
  • The Plugin(s) is/are modified by the Website Owner
  1. Miscellaneous

This Agreement takes precedence over IAdminWP’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, if this Agreement regulates the subject manner set forth herein in more detail. This Agreement is the final understanding of both the Service and the Buyer in execution of the Agreed Scope of Services.

Both Parties shall try to resolve any issues or disputes they may face while in the process of execution of this Agreement in a fair and amicable manner, avoiding conflict and in accordance with broadly-accepted moral codes, ethics and etiquette.

The Service shall work to the best of the Service’s abilities, in a punctual and precise way, in order to fulfill the Buyer’s legitimate expectations on rendering the Scope of Services, as regulated in Section 2 of this Agreement.

If these Terms of Transactions lack any regulation in regards to any of the possible outcomes of the order, the Buyer and Seller shall act in accordance to the IAdminWP’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  1. End Provisions

By submitting payment in order to retain paid Services by the Service, the Buyer Agrees to the Terms stated forth in these Terms of Transaction.