Managed WordPress Service

iAdminWP is leading WordPress Manage Solution for big and small WordPress websites. WordPress itself is growing very fast and a big majority of companies use it as a blogging tool or full CMS. Around 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress every day.

Pricing Plan


$10 / month

Protect your website by keeping it up to date!

You may have noticed the update notifications at the top of your WordPress Dashboard. That is all the plugins and themes that you need to update.

The maintenance plan takes care of those updates. By keeping your website updated you reduce the risk of being hacked


$20 / month

Get both WordPress Hosting and Maintenance plan to get the ultimate solution for your website!

This is the ultimate performance and security solution for any WordPress website owner.

A premium WordPress service for a very good price!

WordPress Hosting

$10 / month

WordPress hosting is specially designed for WordPress websites. All the necessary PHP extension and memory is enabled to run WordPress optimal.

When we host your WordPress website it will be on one of our dedicated servers, not a reseller service!  Your WordPress website will get the speed it deserves!


We know that everyone has different needs and sometimes a custom solution is necessary.  So please talk to us and let us work together for the best possible solution for your business. Sometimes custom solutions cost a lot of money but not with us!

Email us at support [@] or use our contact form.
You can even WhatsApp us on +27 63 3502 989 or find us on Skype iadminwp.