Site-Care Plan with Hosting for WordPress

With all our hosting we offer a site-care plan. We realized providing hosting is just not enough for a WordPress user. This extra function is very time consuming but it is very necessary to have. In this article, I want to go over our sit-care service and how it can help you stay secure and with the latest features.

The most important reason to update your WordPress core, Themes and Plugins are about security.  It happens to the best plugins available on the WordPress repository and will keep on happing. What makes a great plugin is the support and how fast they fix the holes and bugs in their code.  And when they do, we update that plugin the same day. It is not always about security but it can also give you extra awesome features from that plugin.

We also offer to update your content for you. But it is important to note the following:

  • We don’t write or spell check your content.
  • We don’t develop extra features on your website. (Sometimes we can help you with some CSS)
  • We can help you share your content after we uploaded the content.

With that said, we love helping clients to spare them some important time. We know how it goes and some days you just feel it is all too much. When this happens you realize your website are left behind. This is why we want to help you and take care of your entire website.

We also offer help by setting some plugins like Shield Security or a caching plugin. This will ensure you that your website is running on full power 🙂 We can’t just offer you hosting and let you figure out the settings for yourself.

I hope this gives you a little more of an idea of what we offer and why we offer this service. Of course, there is more we do but you have to join to see the rest 🙂

Like always feel free to contact us, even if you just want to say “Hi”.

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