Servers now managed by CloudWays

Let me start off by saying we want to spend more time on you!

We decided to still keep control of our servers but let CloudWays manage the server for us. This is great and we already got good responses from our customers that the websites load faster. CloudWays is one of the best manage hosting services out there and still give us the option to keep our DigitalOcean Server.

We have a very reliable hosting environment for your website by combining CloudWays engine, CloudWaysCDN, Breez – Cloudways caching plugin and CloudFlare!

So at the beginning at the post, I mention we want to spend more time on you. We found with almost all our customers that maintaining is a big part for them. From content uploading to SEO optimizations. We love helping them because that makes them happy. We going to concentrate even more on this service!

We are giving you the best WordPress service on the internet!

We have a BIG surprise for all of our customers new and old! Stay tuned we will reveal it soon

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