Pabbly the cheapest and easiest way to manage customer subscription

Starting a business you will soon realize that you need to have a recurring income to stay ahead of all your expenses. You will also realize that handling everything manual is a mess. For example the use of plain EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments and following up with customers to pay that outstanding invoices! This will only cause more stress for you and your business and you really don’t need any more stress!

There are a lot of great products on the internet like Chargebee, Zoho Subscriptions, SnapBill, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Chargify and a lot more. But you will soon realize by visiting these products that they are very expensive for a startup or any small business. Even when you go for WooCommerce Subscriptions, it is expensive to buy and to renew and don’t forget all the plugins that you need to go with your WooCommerce shop.

Most of you will argue that you can get it done cheap by going on CodeCanyon, but there is one important thing and it is “support“! You cant wait for support when your business is getting customers! I feel it is one place you cannot play around, every customer counts!

With a little more search and trial and error we found Pabbly. Pabbly is a Recurring Billing and Subscription Management Software starting at $9 (We were lucky to get the lifetime deal). It is really easy and clean checkout proses for the customer. But you will notice with all the systems you still need to integrate it on your website.

With Pabbly API we connected WordPress and Pabbly to still give the customer a place to ask for support or see new notifications. Like for example WooCommerce My Account page.pabbly iadminwp

There is one downside for me and that is that they only support Stripe and PayPal. So people in South Africa must use PayPal because you cannot create a Stripe account in South Africa 🙁 I noticed some of the other Service providers use Braintree, and that is also not supported in South Africa.

So that is the short version of our Pabbly journey. If you feel lost with all the options, please feel free to ask for advise or leave a comment.

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