Our 2019 WooCommerce Plugin list

We want to share our list for the best plugins to use when you want to build an awesome WooCommerce shop website. But before I get to that, I want to congratulate the recent updates on WooCommerce main plugin. Really the best plugin for any type of store.

Two things I want to mention: 1. We only use StoreFront the official WooCommerce theme. Not too great out of the box but it helps you to build a rock solid shop website. (Find the StoreFront Child theme here: GitHub ) 2. We use Breeze (cache), Shield (Security), Contact Form7, Yoast (SEO) and WP Mail SMTP (MailGun SMTP) on all our websites.

Here is my WooCommerce list for 2019:

WooCommerce Product Search: It is important to make your website extremely user-friendly especially a shop website. With this search plugin, the customer can easily search for products and add them to there cart.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Premium: While they offer a free version, I find that the paid version works the best. We tested this plugin over multiple websites and the result is really mind-blowing. It really helps your customers to come back and checkout the saved products. There are multiple reasons for them to come back, for example, the card was not working because of the card spending limit.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro: This is not for all the shops. I like this plugin because it is easy for the customer to buy a gift for a family member or for a friends birthday. The plugin allows you to choose the amount you want to spend and then automatically send it to the recipient.

WooCommerce – Social Login: Now there are a lot of free and premium plugins but this one I can personally guarantee it works without any bugs. Save your self the time and buy this plugin!

Storefront Extensions bundle: Because we use StoreFront, I like to use this list of plugins to easily modify the theme. But you may find that with other themes it is not necessary. We also like to use Beaver Builder as a second option for websites that need drastic design changes.

Then the last two plugins are Mailchimp for WooCommerce and Pixel Caffeine (Facebook Pixel). Not a must but good if you want to build an audience list.

I know almost all the plugins are premium plugins, but when you are building a shop you don’t want to invest in a “poor” platform and hope you get great sales. You want a website that you know is A+ standard!

Remember WooCommerce or any type of shop is hard to run on shared hosting. I strongly recommend one of our Dedicated Cloud Servers. The speed is amazing and we take care of all your WordPress Maintenance.

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