Legal summary

This is just a summary of our legal documentation. Please read the whole legal page and contact us if you need to know something. This page will be updated regularly.

Payment Terms

  • Payments can be made with PayPal, PayFast or EFT (Only South Africa). No payment details are collected by iAdminWP!
  • Recurring payments (Hosting and Maintenance) must be paid on time to avoid suspension (after 15days) and termination (30 days). Termination will delete your website from Server.
  • Domain registration and renewal must be paid before or on the renewal date. If not, your domain will be deleted. If you have other arrangements with iAdminWP then that arrangement will stand.
  • If any development was done and the client does not a response to complete the website content or any hold up from the client side for 6 months, then there will be no refunds of the remaining amount that was paid to iAdminWP.

Support Terms

  • iAdminWP will give priority support to all our Hosting and Maintenance clients.
  • Support hours may differ from countries. iAdminWP headquarters are in South Africa.
  • Support will be prioritized on the time we got the support request.
  • All support request must be done via our Client area.
  • Support time will also depend on client response.

Maintenance Terms

  • iAdminWP does not write or spellcheck any content that was provided by the client to update the website. Repeated upload and changes may have an extra charge.
  • iAdminWP will not install plugins without your consent. If you gave us consent from the beginning of our arrangement then we will install plugins.
  • SEO is not part of our Maintenance plan, but we can help you with the setup to make your WordPress website SEO Friendly.
  • Development is not part of our Maintenance plan. We can help you with minor CSS changes on your WordPress Website.
  • iAdminWP will upload a plugin to remotely manage your Website. This plugin is from a 3rd party provider.

Hosting Terms

  • iAdminWP have Dedicated and Shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is where you will have all the server resources for yourself. Shared hosting is where you will share resources with some other clients.
  • All our hosting are mainly done on Digital Ocean and Managed with CloudWays.
  • CloudWays also help with the offsite backups of your WordPress website.
  • CloudWays CDN is also used to speed up your website.
  • iAdminWP does not host any emails.
  • iAdminWP will use an SMTP service called MailGun to send out your website emails.
  • iAdminWP uses CloudFlare to host your DNS. Cloudflare is also used for better performance and security.

WordPress Core, Plugin and Theme Update Terms

  • iAdminWP will not update any custom, modified or “pirated” plugin/files on your WordPress installation.
  • All custom development must be made aware by the client to the iAdminWP support team.

Privacy Terms

  • Our core business is to maintain and update your website, for this reason, we need Administrator rights to your website. With these rights, we will be able to see all your information and make changes to content, plugins and other WordPress settings.
  • iAdminWP will not share these data with any 3rd party company or any other person.
  • iAdminWP will on request of our client create a Google Analytics account and connect that account to the WordPress website. All clients will have access to that Google Analytics account and may delete the iAdminWP user from that account. If the client does not delete the user account then iAdminWP will be able to see the statistics about your WordPress Website.
  • Some of the plugins may ask to send them data on events that are part of the plugin to better support your website. iAdminWP does not see the data and will not enable this setting without permission.
  • iAdminWP make the use of WHMCS Billing System that collects and store user profile details.
  • Automatically Delete Inactive Clients after 60 months