The most important R’s in web development

Your business needs a new website, but you have no idea where to start. The most important is that your site needs to adhere to the basic three R’s in web development. These are Reliability, Relevance and Responsiveness.



The most important thing is to have a website that is reliable. In other words, you website needs to be hosted by a trustworthy company to ensure that it is always online. Of course, blackouts occur, but you need to be able to contact you hosting company and get it back online as soon as possible.

Things to remember before choosing a hosting company.

  1. Make sure you own your own domain name, this is the storefront of your business online and arguably your most important asset online
  2. Be honest about how much traffic you will see on your site, hosting companies will charge you based on the size of your site and the amount of traffic you get
  3. Be wary of hidden costs, especially regarding additional hosting space and email accounts
  4. You need to have access to your site, even if you have no clue what your are doing, it is important to have access in case you ever need to change hosting companies


The rise of WordPress has made it possible for everyone to have a website, but you need to ask yourself if your site is responsive. This means that your website needs to be accessible and looking good on all platforms, including desktop, tablets and mobile.

If you take into account that world-wide mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic in 2017, it makes sense to have a website that looks good on all three. In Africa, mobile traffic is almost double (63%) of that of desktop traffic (34%).

Ask your potential web developer if the site is responsive and accessible on all three platforms. If not, be sure to stay clear and find someone who will make sure it is.

If you plan to build you own site, have no fear. Most themes available for WordPress are built to be responsive. Just make sure before you spend money on any particular one.


Making sure your site is relevant is the one thing you can’t leave up to your developer. You need to provide him/her with the necessary information for the site. Getting the basics right is the first step. Have the correct contact details, updated information about products and services and NO BROKEN LINKS on your site is non-negotiable. After you have done this, invest in some other content like blogs and interviews about your company.

If you have these R’s right, your site should be well on its way to bring in business!!!


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