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We are happy to announce some big changes in iAdminWP pricing and structure!

Like all growing businesses changing up some things are good, and listening to your clients makes you even better. So we listened and learned what you wanted. In the next year, we plan to do a lot of changes and you will read it here on our blog first.

Pricing changes

You will see we dropped our price from $15 to $8! That is just wow right? We also simplified our packages and now offer one great package that you can customize with great add-ons. We may have dropped our prices but we added more storage and bandwidth. Backups are not part of your website content space.


This is the hardest and most exciting changes we made. We moved all our Servers to one provider, and that provider is DigitalOcean. We had some of our servers with them but now we are totally on DO. The decision was made by comparing and monitoring servers, and DO outperform all other servers. DO footprint is not that big like other providers but by using CloudFlare CDN it makes it so much faster no matter where you are.


Backups are the most important part from the beginning. We did not change a lot here, except for doing less local backups and more cloud backups. We are now storing your website on two different locations in the cloud. On the one, we do only incremental backups and on the other one, we do full backups (only wp-content folder). Let us know your thoughts on this.


By now you know we manage everything for you and you never need to use FTP yourself. But for those who still need to use FTP, we moved to SFTP and will no longer support FTP. By doing this we strengthen the security even more.


We now only use Nginx and no longer Apache. For those who need Apache, we have a hybrid option but it is a little bit slower.

PHP extensions

We still have limited PHP extensions, for security and performance reasons. Basic extensions like MAX_EXECUTION_TIME, MEMORY_LIMIT and so on will still be there. You can contact us for more information about what we allow.

Client Portal

This was also a big change for us. We change to Blesta software to manage all the subscriptions and support tickets. It is truly good software and so far so good. Let us know what you think and if you need it please feel free to support them. You can use this link: https://www.blesta.com

That is it for now 🙂 we do have some surprises to come! So stay tuned.

Ps. If you are or know a talented blog writer that wants to write for us, please send our detail to them. They can contact us at [email protected]

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