How many plugins can I install on my WordPress website?

Plugins are one of the best things about WordPress. Without plugins, WordPress will be just another blogging platform. I personally believe this is the reason why WordPress is controlling 30% of the entire internet!

So what is a plugin?

A Plugin is a pace of code that you can install on top of WordPress. Each plugin brings its own unique functionality to a WordPress website. The beauty of this is it can transform your website almost into any type of platform.

How many plugins is enough?

There is no limit on how many plugins you can install on a WordPress website. The only “limit” is the size of your hosting service. It is actually very straightforward, the more code your website runs, the more resources you need to manage all the code. So it all comes down to how big your hosting package is to handle your traffic and all your plugins(code).

Not all plugins are good!

Because there is no limit on how many plugins you can install does not mean you must install every plugin your heart desires. Here is a short list to check if you must really install the plugin you want/need:

  1. Does it come from a trusted source?
    1. Platforms like the WordPress plugin repositories and Evanto check each plugin code structure before approving it for the public repository.
  2. Did you read the plugin reviews?
  3. How is the plugin support?
  4. Did you read what the entire plugin does and write to your database?
  5. Does your hosting have the necessary requirements to run the plugin?
    1. PHP version
    2. Memory limit
    3. PHP extension requirements.

Like all code, there will be some bugs and it is important to do regular updates and backups. iAdminWP customers are more than welcome to ask us about any plugins or even help to install them.

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