Optimized for hosting WordPress and WooCommerce Websites!

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When we host your website it will be on one of our dedicated or cloud servers. We do not use reseller hosting services. Your hosting is optimized to run your WordPress perfectly. Your WordPress website will get the speed it deserves.

Location: Our hosting are mainly based in South Africa but we have multiple Servers in the main countries. We use Hetzner and Digital Ocean as hosting providers. Important is that we use CloudFlare CDN service. This ensures your site to be fast globally! This is an awesome service and very handy for every website we host!

Firewall: Here is a number of factors but rest assure our server do have awesome firewall protection and very secure connections. Firewall on the Servers, CloudFlare security and Wordfence on WordPress to harden your security.

Backups: Our biggest pride is our cloud backups. When your WordPress website is hosted with us then you will get a local backup + cloud backup. So you have cloud and local backups.

If you have any questions about our infrastructure or the way we are hosting your WordPress website, please contact us.


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