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Sometimes you just don't know where the problem is or most of the time you don't have the time to fix it. Finding a developer to help can cost you a lot of money. iAdminWP wants to offer you a professional service and support to help you fix or update your website. We take great pride in our work and will not let you down.

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Things you must know and understand:


By now you know iAdminWP is crazy when it comes to Backups. So before any work can start, your site must have a backup. Because we are not your hosting provider, the responsibility is with you to make a backup. We will also make a backup on our end.


We will need FTP details to your website (Server, Username, and Password). You can ask your hosting provider for this information. For security purposes, you can create a new FTP user and just delete it when we are done with the work or updates.

Custom development

We do not fix or develop custom plugins/themes. If you changed the code in an existing plugin or you edit files in your parent theme then you must let us know, we will not be able to update that plugins/themes.