eForm the alternative WordPress form builder

We love exploring new plugins and just last week we stumbled upon eForm – WordPress Form Builder. It really surprised us allot with all the advanced functionality and the slick look and feel. We bought it for $39 + $2 Paypal fee, that is cheap!

Is it a Gravity Forms alternative or is it just another boring form builder? Look we love Gravity forms and man it is solid and well integrated with allot of other plugins and services. Gravity Forms can be bought in packages that include a license for more than one website. Where eForms, every site license cost $42! So it will get expensive when buying eForms for multiple sites. But then again eForms is one-time payment where Gravity Forms is a yearly subscription.

wordpress form builder

But what if it is just for one website and you only need some integrations and not all the Gravity Forms integrations? Well, eForms can connect to Zapier, so that is a lot of plus for one single website. It can handle user registration and make payments with Stripe and PayPal. It even has its own User Dashboard that is almost like Gravity View.  But I must add that Gravity View is way more advanced.

In my personal opinion, I think you can get more with eForms than Gravity Forms and all the other Form plugins out there. You can have a look at the live examples here. I noticed that you must view it on the site itself on not via CodeCanyon.

The downside of eForms. Yes with all things there is a bad side to this form also. It is really hard for a new user to figure out what to do and where to start building a form. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out where to start and how to find the right form elements. But now it is very easy to use, just be warned and don’t be scared 🙂

If you are an iAdminWP customer please contact us if you think you would like to have this form on your website.

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