Why I don’t like to buy themes

The WordPress Theme market is huge these days and it’s so easy to set up a beautiful website in less than 30 minutes. ThemeForest have millions of themes and a nice rating system to help you choose the best theme for your needs.

But is it worth it to buy a theme for your business? We see a lot of customers and most of them bought a theme to minimize development costs. This is great but what if the author stops supporting the theme or take it off the market? Most of the time the author is a freelancer working on his own to update the theme. Nothing wrong with that but the risk is greater for your business.

A common problem occurs when the theme is no longer supported and website owners need to incur extra costs to develop a new website or find a new theme that works. If you decide to do nothing, then you will no longer get support for bug and security fixes and that can put your website in danger to be hacked. Don’t get me wrong you get nice and solid theme frameworks and that are really there for the long run.

We at iAdminWP believe in building on such good theme framework and one of these is Beaver Builder Theme and Page Builder. We see impressive improvement in website speed and the flexibility to build literally any website layout you want. Yes, it costs money but is worth to spend money if you are starting a business (iAdminWP offer it for free when hosting with us).

Another way to look at this is building a real world shop. You need a building with good foundations and must look clean and pretty. This will cost you money to make your customers happy and that will bring you money.

Sure there is more work to put into the design and still need a good developer for good coding concepts and designer to make it pretty. But you will be set for years and not months. This is important if you want to build a professional appearance. You will save money and be more happy with the speed and updates.

I urge you to choose wisely if you are planning to build an online business. Please ask us for advice, no strings attached. We really want to upkeep the WordPress standard!

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