Does your car have a maintenance plan? Here’s why your WordPress Website should too!

Just like your automobiles require regular maintenance to keep them performing at their peak, so does your WordPress website. Here’s why;

To get the most out of any website it is very important to keep it updated and maintained with the latest tech and in accordance with the prevailing trends. Such a website will be much more appealing to its visitors than a stale poorly maintained website. This holds true for WordPress, more than most, as it releases an update every other month on average to improve features and functionality and fix security issues and identified bugs.

Why is WordPress maintenance important?

For a smooth running and streamlined website on WordPress, WordPress  core, themes, plugins and any other software that your site relies on needs to be updated and maintained regularly.

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Plugin Management

Plugins are usually small, pieces of software created by developers who are not part of WordPress. When WordPress core gets updated these plugins might not function as intended until they are themselves updated by their developers. So Plugins from dependable sources need to be used.

Software Conflicts

Software updates may occasionally create conflicts, causing malfunctions and hampered user experience, so they should ideally be left to professional developers who can handle any unexpected issue.

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Security Issues

Consistent WordPress maintenance by a professional is also very important to avoid potential security breaches as updates may open up new vulnerabilities. Here, again, keeping up-to-date the WordPress core, themes and plugins is of utmost importance as these take into account previous attempted attacks on websites. Lastly regularly backing up your website will prevent loss of data in case of a successful attack.

WordPress Core Updates

WordPress itself keeps on updating and improved features are regularly added. This might make your website less secure with the passage of time, if the website core is not updated. This can also affect the performance of your website leaving a bad impact on users and even deteriorating your website’s ranking.Most WordPress website owners require help with maintaining their websites. Hence, WordPress maintenance plans are offered to the website owners in order to keep their websites updated and performing at its best. It’s always best to consult a professional for tasks you aren’t comfortable with to ensure you don’t come across any undesirable situation.

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