Cloud backups

Offsite backups to AWS. Cycle options:
Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Hourly.

One backup is never enough and never relay on your Hosting provider backup system. You will read in some Hosting providers terms of services that they encourage you to make off-site backups and they cannot assure that your backup will always work. That is why iAdminWP offer cloud backups.

What is cloud backups?

When we say cloud backups then we are talking about making incremental backups to our AWS cloud services. It is highly accurate and secure. We can do from daily to hourly backups.

We keep the backups for a very long time, to be exact we keep it for 90 days. So you can ask a backup restore any time for 90 days. If you cancel your service with us then we still keep your backups for 7 days.

So no reason for losing sleep and concern yourself with backups. We will take good care of all your backups.

If you have any questions please contact us.


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