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Why Choose WordPress Managed Hosting?

For your online business to succeed today, one has to do all kinds of things ranging from marketing, social media, hosting, content creation, advertising among others. All this can sometimes become overwhelming and stressful. However, choosing a WordPress managed hosting service is an important decision as compared to a small VPS or shared host.

Reasons why need to choose managed WordPress hosting.

Before you choose WordPress hosting for a business, research is very key. Perhaps most people begin with the DIY methods and later upgrade to the managed hosting after they grow. Below are some reasons why need to should choose managed WordPress hosting:

1. Support

It’s one of the great reasons of choosing managed WordPress hosting. Mostly, managed WordPress hosting services handle the WordPress platform meaning that they don’t even mess with Magento, Drupal, Cpanel, or other kinds of software or platform. Typically, all support teams that majorly focus on a single field will be experts in that particular field.

2. High performance

Majority of the WordPress managed hosting providers have their environments fine tuned to work well with WordPress. Unlike shared hosting that requires time for software installation or optimization to get same speeds, the managed WordPress hosting offers all these right away.

3. Security

Security is very key for all hosted WordPress sites. Normally, the shared hosting providers don’t offer any assistance in case your site is hacked or has encountered malware. If by any chance your website is hacked, then you’re responsible. However, the WordPress managed hosting providers offer support in case your website is hacked. They also provide systems that protect your website from malware.

4. Automatic backups

What can you do in case you lose everything? You must be prepared everytime for any worse situation that can arise anytime, by always having backups in place for your WordPress website. A good WordPress managed hosting provider will include automatic backups always without additional charges unlike shared hosts that include it but in a higher cost plan.

5. One-click staging environments

It’s necessarily always to test new changes, plugins or even updates on the development site to prevent your website from going down. With most providers, testing is both a time consuming and complex process that requires copying your website locally, testing it and figuring out the migration of changes back. Most of the WordPress managed hosting providers incorporate one-click staging environment to so that testing becomes a walk in the park.

6. Developer friendly

Choosing a WordPress managed hosting provider enables the access to some additional developer friendly features which aren’t available to shared hosts. The features include SSH access, HeidiSQL, Composer, Git and Sequel Pro. Normally, the shared hosts don’t give SSH access meaning that it’s not possible to use any above named feature.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why you need to choose WordPress managed hosting over the shared hosting or DIT VPS. Although it costs more than the others, it’s worth an investment for your business. Simply look for the best hosting web provider to have a great WordPress website that normally works without any risk.


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