How to choose a hosting company

First things first…

What is a hosting company?

You might have heard of hosting companies, and if you are like many of our clients, you might not know exactly what it means. So let me explain it.

Your business has a website, hopefully. And that website needs to be stored somewhere so that potential clients can see it. And now, it is not somewhere on the internet, it needs to be stored at a very real and reliable place.

That is where hosting companies come it. Hosting companies, like has a server that is always online and accessible from anywhere in the world. Think of it as a hard drive that has internet access all on its own.

Since they store your most precious online property, it makes sense that you go with a reliable hosting company and not just the first one you come across.

In this article I will be providing you with some very real tips on how to spot a winner.

  1. The site

The most important thing when deciding on a hosting company, is to know what the technical requirements of your website is. specializes in, you guessed it, WordPress sites. Your developed should be able to provide you with the technical requirements of your site and point you in the right direction.

  1. The stats

The second thing you will need to take into consideration is the statistical information of your site. You need a hosting company that will be able to accommodate your site’s size and the potential number of visitors your site will have. The last thing you want is to go for a cheap option that bombs out the first time you get a decent amount of visitors.

  1. Security

Of course the security of your site is always of the utmost importance, but some a little more than others.

If you have an ecommerce website that has a payment method, you need more security than a blog on crocheting.

  1. Updates

It is important to keep your site up to date. Out of date websites are more likely to be a risk factor and tend to break more easily. A lot of hosting companies will help you with updates. If you can’t do the updates yourself, make sure your hosting company is will to do it.

  1. Emails

Many clients don’t even think about emails. Hosting companies tend to charge extra for email accounts. So keep it in mind if you want custom email accounts. There are also a number of free options like Zoho Mail and Gmail.


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