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Our 2019 WooCommerce Plugin list

We want to share our list for the best plugins to use when you want to build an awesome WooCommerce shop website. But before I get to that, I want to congratulate the recent updates on WooCommerce main plugin. Really the best plugin for any type of store. Two things I want to mention: 1.…

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Use a very basic shortcode to call a Custom Post Type

Today’s tutorial is all about the WordPress shortcode function. It will be very basic but will give you a clear understanding how to create the shortcode function. I personally just love using shortcodes and it is so easy to build. In this tutorial, I want to show you how to display a WordPress loop of…

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Useful htaccess redirect trick for WordPress

Let say you have a page that contains old content. You don’t want to delete the page and cause confusion or bad user experience for your readers. You just want to redirect them to a different post or page. This can be accomplished by installing a plugin or to add some code to your .htaccess…

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Make a Gravatar shortcode

iadminwp gravatar

If you are a developer or worked with WordPress before, then you should know what a gravatar is. For those that dont know what a gravatar is, can visit this page. Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on…

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Repeater fields on WP Job Manager

This is a short but helpful tutorial for everyone that use or want to use PDF plugin with WP Job Manager. Both plugins in this tutorial are premium plugins but you can get a free version of them, with limited add-ons and functionality. The first plugin is WP Job Manager with the Resume add-on(I recommend buying…

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Adding column to WooCommerce order page

order table

Today I would like to share something easy to develop and helpful for your clients. WooCommerce is an awesome and powerful WordPress plugin. I personally tried other shopping carts but always made my way back to WooCommerce. The tutorial for today is to add a column to your WooCommerce frontend order table. There are a…

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Finding email and phone number with JavaScript


A while back we did an article about email and phone number cloaking in WordPress. What we used is the inbuilt editor of WordPress and use hooks and filters that work with that editor. We used the filter ‘wp_insert_post_data’ and we used php code. We tested against ‘post_title’ and ‘post_content’. Recently we needed to cloak email and phone numbers that…

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Cloak email and phone on freelanceengine

When running a micro job/freelancer website you don’t want people to share email or phone details.  You can use this code below, placed it in your functions.php file. The theme that was used is from freelanceengine. When the new job was posted, the email and numbers that were entered in the title and body will show…

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Insert HEAP Script into header


If you want to insert your HEAP analytics into your WordPress website then you want to read this blog.  This is simple and the code can either be inserted into the functions.php or your own plugin (Basic). I assume you already signup for HEAP and ready to integrate it with your website. I create my own…

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Change your WordPress url in mySQL


If you are planning to migrate your website to a new domain name or want to change your domain name for some reason. Then you can use this little code snippet to achieve this. Please remember we don’t take responsibility if something goes wrong! You must always back up and be cautious when working with the…

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