Why WordPress Is an Excellent Platform for Your Business Site

The first decision you’ll make when creating a website for your business is the most important. You’ll need to choose what platform or software you’ll use to build the site. This will have a significant impact on its effectiveness and ease of use – so it’s vital to pick your solution carefully. Fortunately, WordPress is…

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Our 2019 WooCommerce Plugin list

We want to share our list for the best plugins to use when you want to build an awesome WooCommerce shop website. But before I get to that, I want to congratulate the recent updates on WooCommerce main plugin. Really the best plugin for any type of store. Two things I want to mention: 1.…

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5 Reasons to Choose a Managed WordPress Hosting

Imagine starting a business and trying to manage everything on your own. Starting from the content, optimizing SEO, including a CDN, adding and removing plug-ins as per the requirement and what not? But were you not there to do business? BUSINESS, right? Where is that? You have been too much occupied by operations that you…

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WordPress new editor called Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg

If you are one of our clients then you will not notice this because we update your content for you. In the latest release of WordPress, a new Editor called Gutenberg was implemented. This upset a lot of people and some just don’t mind. If you want someone to take care of your website and…

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Easy security tips

iadminwp security tips

Every website, application, device, and systems can be hacked. This is just a reality we live in today. In this post, we are going to look at solutions to protect your logins. This will be easy to do and in my eyes a must. (Facebook hit by massive hack – 50 million users affected read…

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Easy migrate your WordPress website

I lost track of how many WordPress websites I migrated in my life. It is a very stressful task and the key is not to put the website offline. I want to share my experience with you and hopefully help you do better website migrations. When I started out WordPress development it was a very…

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Site-Care Plan with Hosting for WordPress

iadminwp site-care wordpress

With all our hosting we offer a site-care plan. We realized providing hosting is just not enough for a WordPress user. This extra function is very time consuming but it is very necessary to have. In this article, I want to go over our sit-care service and how it can help you stay secure and with…

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One word, WOW! I read about Zero BS CRM and finally tried it myself. I know the name is a bit weird, but just give it a try!  If you don’t know what the name stands for, go visit their website. Here is my short overview of the plugin. The installation was short and painless,…

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