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3 Reasons You Should Consider Using NordVPN

As the internet has become more sophisticated, so have the methods by which hackers and other third parties gather data. If you’re not protecting your connection, your information is vulnerable. Fortunately, you can easily encrypt your data using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Reliable services such as NordVPN will help you prevent hackers from stealing…

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Why 2FA Is Important

Keeping your WordPress website secure is essential. Following best practices for protecting your content, data, and users will help you avoid huge losses in revenue and credibility with your audience. While no single security measure can protect an entire site on its own, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a particularly effective strategy for deterring would-be hackers.…

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Why You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Website (And How to Get One)

Cyberattacks can be devastating. Lost user data is not only costly to retrieve but can ruin your website’s reputation, making it difficult to keep your conversions and revenue up. Fortunately, these days there are many strategies you can use to secure your site. Using a blend of techniques – including adding Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)…

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Discount Rules for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is by far the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress. What makes it so powerful is all the plugins that you can buy to make your shop a super shop. Sadly most WooCommerce plugins are not free. But if you shop and buy the correct plugin you will most likely get awesome support with that…

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5 Reasons to Get Dedicated Cloud Hosting for Your WordPress Site

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your website is choosing its hosting plan. Your site’s hosting will help to determine its performance, security, and many other key factors that play a role in its success or failure. There are a lot of hosting options out there, so it’s important to understand what…

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Why WordPress Is an Excellent Platform for Your Business Site

The first decision you’ll make when creating a website for your business is the most important. You’ll need to choose what platform or software you’ll use to build the site. This will have a significant impact on its effectiveness and ease of use – so it’s vital to pick your solution carefully. Fortunately, WordPress is…

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Our 2019 WooCommerce Plugin list

We want to share our list for the best plugins to use when you want to build an awesome WooCommerce shop website. But before I get to that, I want to congratulate the recent updates on WooCommerce main plugin. Really the best plugin for any type of store. Two things I want to mention: 1.…

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5 Reasons to Choose a Managed WordPress Hosting

Imagine starting a business and trying to manage everything on your own. Starting from the content, optimizing SEO, including a CDN, adding and removing plug-ins as per the requirement and what not? But were you not there to do business? BUSINESS, right? Where is that? You have been too much occupied by operations that you…

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