Best SEO WordPress Plugin

The best SEO plugin for WordPress is Yoast SEO, hands down. They are true professionals on SEO and always up to date with the latest SEO updates.

We use Yoast SEO on every WordPress website we develop. From small blogs to big company websites.

It is so easy to educate people on how to use the plugin and I personally think that is what the WordPress community is all about. A “do it yourself” community.

Here is an example of how the settings look like in a blog post when writing an article or publishing a new page. We will use this blog post as an example.

We created mistakes on purpose for the screenshot to show you how Yoast advice the user to better SEO results.

You will find Yoast setting just under the content editor. It will consist of two main tabs, Readability and Snippet preview. These two tabs will give you an indication of your content keywords and readability.

Readability is a content analysis tool that helps you to make your text easy to read, while the SEO analysis checks whether your text is SEO-friendly. The snippet preview is a simulation of what your post will look like in the search engine results, like Google Search.

This is not all that Yoast SEO helps with, there are allot more settings to be found on the plugin admin page. Settings like linking your Webmaster tools, creating a robot.txt file, linking your Social Media accounts (like Facebook Open Graph metadata), creating a Sitemap and allot more.



The best of all, this plugin is free to use!

Yoast offers a paid service and I highly recommended it if you are very new to WordPress.yoast_service

If you are an iAdminWP client, please contact us to help you configure the plugin.

Message to Yoast SEO: Thank you for creating an awesome plugin and contributing to the WordPress community. This is really a great tool and a must have for any WordPress website.

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