Always up to date

We keep your WordPress , Plugins, Themes, and Content up to date.
We also you with newsletters and content related tasks.

What is "Always up to date"?

We ensure that when a new version is released for WordPress, WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes then we make sure that we update it on your website.

Why do you need to update every new version release?

It is important to remember that bugs are possible even with the best developers or even security vulnerabilities in PHP framework. So by updating the plugin, we ensure to close any bugs or vulnerabilities in that WordPress release, plugins or themes.

But it is not all about security, it can optimize your website speed or bring more functions that will help you give your customers the best experience possible.

You have complete control on what plugins you want to use, but we recommend that you keep using our preferred plugins. If that is not enough please make sure that the plugin or theme author is well known and good ratings on the product.

Please know we do not update any "pirate" plugins or themes. You must have a license key for your premium plugin and themes.

Please contact us for more information.


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