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We started iAdminWP out of the problems we encountered with our personal WordPress websites. We focus on Managed Hosting, Local and Cloud Backups and Security.


Hosting: We believe that hosting should be optimized for the platform you use. In our case the platform is WordPress. Our servers can give you WordPress the speed and uptime it deserves! We are not resellers nor do we use any reseller service. Read more


Backups: We take backups seriously! We create Local backups(daily bases) on your hosting package and we make Cloud Backups that can run daily or every hour. All cloud backups are stored on AWS. We got your files and data covered and secured! Read more


Security: We use Let's Encrypt SSL with CloudFlare to ensure the best possible protection for your website. With our maintenance plan, we keep your website up to date to cover up all security bugs. Read more


While Hosting, Backups and Security is our main focuses, we sometimes help with development or redevelopment of WordPress websites. It is always a pleasure to talk with new clients and hear the tale of how their businesses started. Sadly with those stories, we also hear of great disappointments like how some developer did not finish the job or built it in such a way that no one knows what is going on in that website!


Some even change the WordPress core files so that just they can update the website. We at iAdminWP are not very fond of that kind of developers or development processes. For this reason, we started this website with its services. We are determined to make services like WordPress Admin, Developing and Backup as easy and cost-efficient as possible.