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More about iAdminWP

We are the dedicated hard-working team who bring a personal touch to each and every website!


About iAdminWP

iAdminWP was born in Pretoria South Africa and officially registered as a company in 2017. Up until then, we were just a couple of WordPress developers working as freelancers. We develop all kind of websites for everyone, from avid bloggers to big-name companies.

There was one common problem with all the websites we worked with. The lack of a good hosting and maintenance plan. A plan that was not only affordable but someone that really cared about you and your website.

Our focus is not just on big companies with a big budget but for small bloggers and website owners that do not have the budget to spend on hiring a developer or website maintainer.

This is when iAdminWP was born. We wanted a service that worked for every business and is very affordable for everyone that need a proper hosting and maintenance plan.

We are planning to change the WordPress Managed Hosting and Maintenance world for good. WordPress is growing fast, and all of us that love building with WordPress have a responsibility to keep it secure. This means not only keeping your website secure but keeping the WordPress platform safe and secure.


WordPress CLoud Hosting

iAdminWP offer a Dedicated and Shared Managed Hosting environment for WordPress websites.

The main difference between the dedicated and shared is the following:

  • With dedicated you get your own Cloud Server and all the resources on that server are only used by your website.
  • With shared hosting, you will share resources with other customers. But we are different and manage the resources in such a way that you will experience the speed and security. Good option for small bloggers and contact websites.

Both are very fast and highly reliable.

Managed Hosting means that we take care of all your hosting functionality and making sure that your website will always use the latest and up to date software.

We make sure that your website run in optimal performance. Your website will run on a cloud platform called DigitalOcean and we use CloudWays to manage our cloud servers.

We also build on customers needs and if you want something else that we offer, we can make a custom package that is designed for you!


Cloud Backups every hour

iAdminWP make an off-site cloud backup of your WordPress website. There are no backups stored on your hosting package, so no disk space lost on backups.

By doing this you are guaranteed a solid backup that you can trust on. If your website got hacked then there will be a backup that is available on the cloud. Default backups run every hour or 3 hours, these are incremental backups so it will not slow down your website.



Every system/application need to keep up with the latest technology. Technology that can improve performance and reduce the change to get hacked or injected with bad code.

iAdminWP maintains all your WordPress Core, Theme and plugin updates to keep you up with these latest updates. We also make sure your website is compatible with our latest server settings like for example the PHP version.

The maintenance plan is truly a must have for any WordPress website owner!



We know how difficult is it to manage everything on a daily basis. iAdminWP offer a service where we help you with content updates.

You send us your new blog post and we upload it for you. We also make text changes where you need it to change. This does not include development but we always have open communication with our clients if you need some code changes.

We will also make sure your SEO settings and some other WordPress settings are correct and up to date! This is where our heart is and we want to help you by managing these updates for you.

No more need for a web developer, we will take good care of your website.

Legal Stuff

All our legal documentations in one place.