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We are the dedicated hard-working team who bring a personal touch to each and every website!

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iAdminWP was officially registered as a company in 2017. Up until then, we were just a couple of WordPress developers. We develop all kind of websites for everyone, from avid bloggers to big-name companies.

There was one common problem with all the websites we developed. The need for a good hosting and maintenance plan that was not only affordable but really cared about your website. For big companies with a big budget this is not a problem but for small bloggers spending the money on proper hosting and maintenance is not an option.

That is when iAdminWP was born. We wanted a service that worked for every business and is very affordable for everyone that need a proper hosting and maintenance plan.

We are planning to change the Managed Hosting and Maintenance world for good. WordPress is growing fast, and all of us that love building with WordPress have a responsibility to keep it secure. This means not only keeping your website secure but keeping the WordPress platform safe and secure.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope to see you soon! If you have any questions please contact us.