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We want to welcome you to our website and thank you for taking the time to get to know us and what we stand for. It is always a pleasure to talk with new clients and hear the tale of how their businesses started. Sadly with those stories we also hear of great disappointments like how some developer did not finish the job or built it in such a way that no one knows what is going on in that website! Some even change the WordPress core files so that just they can update the website.

Why you want to use us


The world is changing fast and the Internet even faster. New services and products related to the world wide web pop up left, right and center. It is an impossible task to keep up with everything by yourself.


WordPress itself is growing very fast and a big majority of companies use it as a blogging tool or full CMS. With Woocommerce creating a shop is super easy and fast.


But the more people use WordPress and it grows, the more attractive it gets to hackers. Getting hacked can be so damaging to your business you might have to close it down. 


Another problem lies therein that it is very easy for someone with enough knowledge to create a plugin and put it on the market for free. That has a positive and negative side. Some of the plugin authors do not know how to write and secure their PHP code. So they are creating security loopholes for hackers.



We at iAdminWP are not very fond of those kind of developers or development processes. For this reason, we started this website with its services. We are freelancers that are determined to make services like WordPress Admin, Developing and Backup as easy as possible.

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The solution we give you is simple! We backup your website to AWS cloud away from your server to keep it safe. For extreme sites, we can even do hourly backups. We only use well-known and tested plugins (free and premium) with good support.

Writing and publishing articles on your website is the way to keep your website alive on the internet. It is a good idea to post articles a minimum of once a week. That way Google will see your site as active. But you do not have the time to upload or manage articles on your website. You are busy running and planning your business growth! No problem at all. We will publish those articles for you. You send us the document and images and we upload or schedule it for you. We also offer the added option of writing the articles and content for you.

Employing a developer is expensive. We offer you the service of a personal web developer without the hassle of employing someone full-time. You are really part of our professional team!