5 Reasons to Choose a Managed WordPress Hosting

Imagine starting a business and trying to manage everything on your own. Starting from the content, optimizing SEO, including a CDN, adding and removing plug-ins as per the requirement and what not? But were you not there to do business? BUSINESS, right? Where is that? You have been too much occupied by operations that you almost forgot you are there to grow and earn a profit.

This is why smart people either outsource or use someone else’s services for tasks they are not expert at or they think might be consuming a lot of their time. This is where managed WordPress Hosting can save you too.

Hosting a website is not an easy job. You have to be on your toes all the time, making sure your webpage is loading fast and is able to tolerate the increased traffic. When you hire the services of an expert who not only knows WordPress well but also has hands-on experience with troubleshooting, you are able to focus on your main objective i.e. business because you know that someone has got your back. They are there to pick up your calls, inform you about the daily security attacks and advise you on making your website more efficient and productive.

There are a number of reasons you should always choose a managed WordPress Hosting; however, the most prominent ones are:

1. Increased Speed

A website that is working fast has more chances of converting a visitor into a customer. It promotes the user-friendly image of the site by reducing the barriers of slow speed. Such web pages are smooth to deal with, understand customers’ commands and are more interactive. In a nutshell, they offer an overall pleasant experience. This results in immediate decision making, increased sales revenue, and even repeat purchase. Not to underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing your happy customers will be generating for your business.

There are a number of reasons your WordPress site may be working slow. Whatever the reason may be, it needs immediate and timely attention in order to be up and running all the time.

Even when it comes to search engine ratings, tools like Google Spider picks up fast-paced websites and rank them higher. Same is the case with other search engines. It means, managed WordPress Hosting does not only lessen your burden, but it also makes your website a favorite of all.

2. Support System

Sometimes when a website crashes or becomes malfunctioned, your host tells you that everything is fine at their end. And they are not lying either because their system only supports hardware that they made. So, you are left alone, startled, shocked, confused and helpless, unless you are a system administrator yourself.

Contrary to this, managed WordPress hosts have professionals who not only master the art of managing servers, they can also deal with PHP, MySQL, and other hosting-related issues. Furthermore, managed WordPress hosts provide training to their employees so that they can identify and resolve even the minutest of problems before they turn into something big.

3. Increased Security

The internet may seem like a fun and entertaining place to be at; however, at the back end, there is a continuous war going on where different robots are on a mission to find flaws in your website. It could be an outdated theme, a weak password, code error or an infected plugin.

You might be thinking that you just run a simple news portal, why would someone like to break into it?

The answer is simple. This malware turns your website into spam that just keeps on spreading the virus. The scary thing is that you may not even notice it until someone tells you that your site is a victim of Pharma Hack

For combating all these attacks, you do not only have to be technically sound, but you also have to keep a close eye on any suspicious activity round the clock. Once you hire a managed WordPress hosting service provider, you do not have to worry about it anymore.

They put different security filters on your website, continuously check for virus and even back up your system to save you from huge losses so that you can stay focused on your business without having to worry about what is happening at the hosting end.

4. Scalability

Your business has finally started flourishing. You are being mentioned everywhere. You have become the latest sensation in the world of the internet and everyone just wants to visit your website to know more about it. They enthusiastically visit your page only to find out it is just blank. Your website has crashed badly because it just could not handle the heavy traffic that came its way.

Your whole business collapses. The noise has started to die. People no more seem excited to know about you and they have simply stopped visiting your page. But wait! This was not the whole purpose of your business. You wanted traffic…loads of it and when it finally happened, your site failed taking down all your years of efforts down the drain.

The situation could have been the other way round had you appointed a managed WordPress hosting service provider as they scale your website continuously to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

5. Best Value for Money

Customers these days want the best bargain offer. They weigh all the outcomes and the price paid to find out if they have invested in the right place. Even host providers have learned about this psyche of their users and are now offering highly competitive packages.

If you are someone who is comparing managed vs unmanaged services side by side, you will realize that their pricing is almost the same. Considering this, is it not a wise decision to opt for a package that offers something extra at the same price you have to pay anyway? S

Provided the analysis, it is apparent that managed hosts are far better, efficient and cost-effective than the unmanaged hosts.

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