Managed WordPress Solution

iAdminWP Host, Maintain, Secure and Backup WordPress websites. We are more than just a Hosting company!


WordPress Hosting

Our Servers are designed to handle WordPress perfectly! No setup costs, no installations, no limitations on storage and no stress. Speed like you never experienced before! PHP7 with MariaDB and SSD.

Cloud Backups

We make cloud backups to AWS (Amazon Web Services Cloud). Cycle options: Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Hourly. 

Update Free

We keep your WordPress, Plugins, and Themes updated. We can also help you with newsletters and content related tasks. Please contact us for more information.

Free SSL

HTTPS  (SSL) is a must-have for modern websites! We use Let’s Encrypt and CloudFlare. Let’s Encrypt is an open Certificate Authority. WordFence also added for that extra security!


We've got your back!


We like to give you a report on how your WordPress website is performing. It includes different type of reports inside one report. We keep it short and very helpful for you to make proper business decisions. Google Analytics is also included in this report.

Security scans

We know it is impossible to stop every hacker and unfortunately, we cannot stop every hacking attempt on your WordPress website. BUT, we do regular security scans on your WordPress files and even strengthen our security by partnering up with CloudFlare. Our hosting servers are very secure and we run the best possible firewall software we could find.

Premium Supports

A support service that focuses on you. We give support via email, WhatsApp, Skype and whichever other platforms you prefer. We know you are busy and try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Our response rate is very good even if our time zones differ. 

About iAdminWP

iAdminWP was born out of the problems we encountered with our personal WordPress websites. We focus on Hosting, Maintenance, Cloud Backups, and Security. We believe we can make a big difference in the WordPress community and every small large business out there. We love to help startups and grow with them, we believe everyone situation is different and that money is a big issue for some startups. Enterprise solutions also available. We know that everyone has different needs and sometimes a custom solution is necessary.




Hosting for email

iAdminWP does not host any email, so you will need to use a 3rd party service like Zoho Mail. We can help you with all the setups.

Do we use cPanel?

No, we do not use cPanel. 

Can I install any plugin or theme?

Yes, we do not limit you on what plugins you use. But if we see a security issue with that plugin, then we will ask you to use another plugin.

PHP extensions

We limit you on what PHP extensions you can activate. Please ask us for more detail.

Must I change my DNS?

It is not mandatory to change your DNS but we strongly advise you to change your DNS to CloudFlare. CloudFlare improves speed and gives you extra security.

Global One

Global ONE

$8 /mo

1 WordPress install
150GB bandwidth
30 SSD GB disk space
Free SSL
CloudFlare CDN


your price

Custom WordPress install
Custom traffic per website
Unlimited SSD GB disk space
Startups get discount
A plan built for you

Our Client Reviews

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What a wonderful experience dealing with IAdminWP. My company experienced phenomenal growth since I teamed up with Johnny and the team! Thank you so much for your excellent service and 24/7 support! Always there when I need you!!


I have used so many companies before, but non of them comes close to the level of service iAdminWP gives. Our site {Trou Idees} are so much more stable from working with them. I would definitely recommend them!


Absolutely the best !! Thank you for understanding our idea and designing an incredible website. You have exactly created the feeling we would like to reflect, thank you very much!


Thank you very much for your wonderful work! Always professional and helpful.


Thank you for your proffesional services and excellent design work. It truly a great experience to be hosting with you